Vacuum Cleaners

Browse our range of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners available for hire. From tub style industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaning machines to upright heavy duty machines, we provide a full range of vacuum cleaners to keep a business, property or retail space cleaned to the highest standard.

Our range offers high suction power for all your business cleaning requirements. ICE wet and dry vacuum cleaners, which are available to hire, pick up everything from liquids in restaurants to dust from factory floors.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are stronger and more powerful. They will have a greater internal capacity than other domestic alternatives on the market. Industrial vacuum cleaners are much safer, they are tested to ensure they collect and store potentially hazardous materials without any leaks.


Industrial vacuum cleaners are also split into different classes according to how safe they are and what kinds of sites they can be used on. Commercial vacuum cleaners will instead be compared by performance statistics such as power and size.

You will need to contact us and confirm that the machine will be coming to hire at least 48 hours prior to the day you want the hire to end. To avoid our collection team incurring costs that will be sent on to you. The collections team will give you a call reference number once the collection has been confirmed.

We aim to offer you a quote as soon as we can. When we are online on a weekday, we aim for you to get to you within the 60 minutes. If you should need a quicker response, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 225 1385.

Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Hire

One of our vacuum cleaners will make an indispensable addition to any large premises. Having a high performance vacuum cleaner will help adhere to health and safety regulations. Having a clean premises will help protect the workforce or customers from accidents, as well as create a much better first impression for clients.


All our vacuum cleaners will efficiently collect loose particles of dust or debris, keeping floors clean. This is beneficial if you are working in an area that contains hazardous dust.


Our wide selection includes small single motor vacuums, wet vacuum cleaners and triple motor vacuum cleaners for larger commercial and industrial spaces. We also have a range of industrial vacuum cleaners, including rewind cry, backpack and upright vacuum cleaners. These units are ideal for large offices, hotels, community centres and factories.

Benefits of Hiring a Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you need to vacuum your carpets in a property or in the office, or if you're a professional cleaner looking for an extremely reliable industrial vacuum, we have something suitable to hire in a range of vacuum cleaners.


Hiring a vacuum cleaner from ICE allows you to get an improved clean with the most up to date cleaning equipment on the market. Another benefit of hiring over purchasing vacuum cleaners is that it offers greater budgetary control and gives businesses the ability to forecast costs more accurately.


Access different vacuum cleaners easily if your circumstances change. Hiring will also remove disposal risks plus the cost and hassle of part exchanging or selling equipment. It also allows businesses to access cleaning equipment without taking on unnecessary risk, keeping credit lines open but not tying up cleaning machinery as assets.


All repairs and maintenance with ICE’s range of cleaning equipment are free of charge when due to fair wear and tear. A replacement will be made available in the event of a breakdown so that a vacuum cleaner is always available. Get in touch with us today for more information about our short term and long term hiring options.



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