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Steam machines can assist in a variety of situations. Hiring an industrial steam machine will give you not only a larger tank to produce steam from but also a higher pressure. The ability to add chemicals to the steam and then vacuum up the dirty water / debris you have created straight away makes for a very versatile machine.


Hiring one of our steam cleaners could revolutionise the way you clean. You will receive several benefits without the headaches associated with paying for the equipment in full. Our steam cleaners will efficiently kill bacteria and sanitise surfaces in a wide variety of premises to an exceptionally high standard.

Revolutionary Steam Cleaners for Rent

Steam cleaners are one of our most popular professional cleaning tools, mainly due to their versatility. Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant, supermarket or gym, steam cleaners can excel at efficiently sanitising surfaces. They’re perfect for tackling difficult to reach areas that are often neglected, and they’re particularly valuable for businesses required to maintain exceptional hygiene standards.


The non toxic nature of steam cleaning makes it a much safer option, especially in environments with children and pets. Steam cleaners don’t use common chemicals found in many cleaning agents. People with allergies and asthma will benefit significantly from steam cleaning as it only uses water and heat. The natural steam function will remove dirt and grime from non heat sensitive surfaces without needing added chemicals. Although, our cleaning machines can have chemicals added for clinical environments.


Aside from the obvious health benefits, hiring one of our steam cleaners is a cost efficient investment over time. As steam cleaners run on water and electricity, they don’t require the purchase of lots of detergents and cleaning products.

Our steam cleaners can be used on practically any surface, apart from those surfaces that are extremely heat sensitive. Avoid using a steam cleaning machine on anything that can be damaged due to heat exposure, porous surfaces and other delicate items.

We build strong relationships and provide meaningful education to our cleaning teams. Our training is delivered by ICE’s dedicated training and installation team.

Since they use only water to clean, steam this range of industrial steam cleaners are completely safe for the environment. When the dry steam vapour meets the surface being cleaned it not only effectively cleans the surface it also disinfects and sanitizes it.

Commercial and Industrial Steam Clean Hire

Whether you’re cleaning a restaurant, kitchen or any other public area, steam cleaners are a fantastic piece of industrial cleaning equipment to have on hand. They can easily reach those awkward locations that become neglected because they are hard to reach.


Steam cleaners are popular choices because they can be used in a variety of different environments. The main benefits are that they’re allergy free, environmentally friendly and provide a thorough clean. From cleaning hard floors in an office to making the toilet floor of a restaurant glisten, a steam cleaner can help to kill off bacteria and banish discolouration from the grout between tiles.


When you use industrial steam cleaners, they will produce a dry vapour that can eliminate a number of otherwise difficult to remove stains. This includes dirt, oil and grease making them ideal for clinical, manufacturing and restaurant settings.

Cleaning Equipment for Hire

Why Hire a Steam Cleaner?

Purchasing professional cleaning equipment can be an expensive outgoing cost for a business. With the newest and best cleaning equipment costing thousands of pounds, it can be difficult to find room in your budget to pay for the best steam cleaners.


Whether you need help choosing the best industrial cleaning tools for your business or you would like advice on how to best use these tools, our fantastic customer service team is on hand to help. With over 50 years in the business, we know everything you could about our industrial cleaning equipment and what the best machine for your job.


To ensure you get the most out of your machine, we provide full training to all your staff upon delivery. Once you’ve received your steam cleaner you can start using it once you and your staff are fully trained in how it works. Being fully trained means you’re less likely to suffer from any problems, less likely to need repairs due to misuse and you won’t need to spend additional funds on training in house.


We offer high quality steam cleaners from the best brands on the market. Our equipment is reliable and our service affordable. Simply hire a steam cleaner for as long as you need it and give us a call when you’re done. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our steam cleaning equipment, our long and short time hire or to ask us a question about our services.



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