Single Disc Machine

When hiring single disc machines from ICE, it is key to make sure you hire the correct speed for the task at hand. Our range of rotary machines for hire cover low speed, high speed, ultra high speed and even duo speed. The latter has the flexibility to use the same rotary in low speed (160 - 200 RPM) and high speed (380 - 420 RPM), which is becoming more and more popular.


You can hire a rotary machine from ICE with numerous accessories including scrubbing brushes, solution tanks, bonnet carpet pads, microfibre pads, shampooing brushes and additional weights. We offer low speed, high speed, and dual speed single disc machines. Moreover, we’ll help you choose, depending on whether you need to wet or polish the surface, or both.

Floor Cleaners for Hire

Rent Single Disc Machines from ICE

Single disc machine rental is a great option for industrial floor cleaning, as they are easy to use and very powerful. They are effective on smooth floors, but we’ll help you choose the right single disc machines from our range for you.


Single disc machines are used in many industries from educational buildings to offices and retail.  If you need a machine for scrubbing or stripping away polish coatings, we recommend choosing one of our single disc machines with a lower rpm, as its more effective due to the slower rotational speed.


If you want to polish a floor, opt for a single disc machine with a higher rotational speed. The faster the rpm, the higher the shine that can be achieved. To find out more about the best single disc machine for you and your cleaning needs, get in touch.

All our single disc materials are delivered, and training completed by an experienced IPG. Top up training is also available free of charge for our customers. Any instant training requirements are supported through the ICE App thanks to our fully comprehensive training videos.

Single disc machines are quite versatile in the types of floor surfaces they can efficiently clean. If you are working in a space with wood, concrete or marble flooring, these machines can leave them effectively clean.

Single disc machines are one of the quieter floor cleaning equipment on the market. This means they can be used during working hours without causing a disruption to workers and customers.

Versatile Single Disc Machines For Hire

Single disc machines are designed to automate cleaning operations, particularly the scrubbing and treatment of different floor types. Their aim is to automate a cleaning procedure that would otherwise be carried out manually, saving time and costs.


The ability to equip single disc machines with brushes or abrasive discs with different characteristics allow these industrial machines to perform both the deep cleaning of industrial surfaces and the delicate maintenance/polishing operations. This enables for high spec flooring, provided that the right type of machine is selected.


Single disc machines are one of the most versatile industrial cleaning machines on the market. They can perform a wide array of tasks, with just a change of brush of pad. The single disc scrubber replicates the human action of cleaning. Change the disc to scrub, buff or polish the floor area. As these machines are so flexible, one piece of equipment can be used for scrubbing, polishing and cleaning, which avoids unnecessary expenditure on inventory. 

ICE Cleaning Equipment

Benefits of Hiring Single Disc Machines

We have some of the leading industrial cleaning equipment brands available for hire. Each brand has a range of models on offer, all with different benefits.


Hiring a single disc machine from ICE is a cost effective option. These types of cleaning machines are expensive to purchase, so hiring one for the time period you need it can save a lot of money. Our single disc machines are available for hire from as little as a week.


Most of the single disc machines we offer for hire are compact, so they can be stored easily on the site where they will be used most. This means they are easy to transport between locations, cut down on hauling time and eliminate the logistical issues associated with larger floor cleaning machines. In addition, the size of these single disc machines will also offer a solution to floor spaces where it is impractical to move items like furniture with every single clean. This makes these machines a popular hiring choice for the in and out service industry in offices and retail spaces.


By choosing to hire our single disc machines, you will reduce recurring labour costs as these machines minimise the number of manpower required. We offer free training alongside our cleaning equipment, meaning you won’t have to spend money and time internally training staff. Get in touch with us today to find out more about hiring our cleaning equipment.



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