Ride On Scrubber Dryers

Hire an industrial ride on scrubber dryer that is completely automated today. At ICE, our ride on scrubbers can be hired short term of long term to fit in your lift or hired to clean your car park. A ride on scrubber dryer will help ensure floors are sanitised and dried, avoiding slips and trips.


To help companies overcome some of the issues associated with cleaning floors in industrial and commercial buildings, there is a wide range of industrial floor scrubbers available to hire from various manufacturers and suppliers to meet a variety of needs and budgets by choosing ICE.

Ride on Scrubber for Hire

Rent Industrial Ride On Scrubber Dryers

A ride on scrubber dryer is far more hygienic and efficient compared to a traditional mop and bucket. Hiring an industrial ride on scrubber dryer is an effective way of nimbly leaving a floor clean and dry.

At ICE, our range will allow us to prescribe the right industrial cleaning equipment for the floor type, the time restraints that you have and the size of the floor to be cleaned. You may need to hire an industrial scrubber dryer with a far greater downward pressure for certain areas or a brush or even a cylindrical brush for certain floor types.

Whatever the size or the requirements you need for the job, we have the correct scrubber dryer for you to hire. Our industrial cleaning equipment will arrive ready to use and with full training as required.

You can rent our ride on scrubber dryers for as long as you need it. ICE offers both long and term rental options for our customers. Get in touch today and we can talk about your rental needs.

Many different detergents can be used in a scrubber dryer, it will depend on the environment in which you are working. It is good practice not to go beyond the percentage mixture set out by the chemical manufacturer’s guidance and to rinse the machines after use so that the chemical does not clog up the filters or any other areas.

We supply ride on scrubber dryers and provide service support throughout the UK utilising our own logistics fleet. To find out more about our hiring and delivery service, get in touch with us today.

Industrial Ride On Scrubber Dryers

Whether you work in a hotel, hospital, supermarket or warehouse, it can be difficult to clean the floors without disrupting business. If you want to keep the floors looking their best without causing too much disruption, ICE have the right industrial ride on scrubber dryers for you.


Our scrubber dryers will clean and dry your floors quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days where cleaning staff have to spend hours cleaning floors with a mop and bucket. Our range of ride on scrubber dryers will clean up spillages, remove stubborn stains, and leave the floor looking pristine.


One of the most valuable benefits of ride on scrubber dryers is that they enable safer cleaning compared to other methods. Traditional methods will often use a lot of water and leave the flooring area slippery and potentially dangerous. Our range of ride on scrubber dryers will not leave floors wet due to the inbuilt vacuum. This means the clean area is dried as the machine goes along, preventing trips and slips.

Benefits of Hiring Industrial Ride On Scrubber Dryers

Hiring industrial floor cleaning machines is a cost effective way of investing in ride on scrubber dryers. Like all types of industrial cleaning equipment, they require ongoing maintenance and servicing. By hiring the machine, either short or long term, this ongoing maintenance is covered by ICE, making rental an affordable option for all businesses.


When you hire from ICE, you don’t have to wait until you can afford to buy new equipment outright. You can add a better piece of equipment to your inventory without having to spend the capital. By choosing to hire your ride on scrubber dryers, you can stay within your budget and get your equipment quickly, without having to spend out as the costs will be spread out over the life of your machine.


Renting one of our ride on scrubber dryers is useful if you want to keep capital free for other projects or need to budget with caution. Hiring a machine from our range of ride on scrubber dryers will help you reduce ownership costs, labour costs and even maintenance costs.


Hiring means you have predictable, affordable payments coming out each month instead of one lump sum. To find out more about our ride on scrubber dryers and how you hire industrial floor scrubbers from ICE, contact us today.



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