Our S-Line product range includes a variety of both hand held and ride on sanitising products to help combat viruses, but also to measure “clean” in ways such ATP testing. As businesses consider their return to work strategies, it’s crucial to mitigate the risk of further infection. At ICE, we will help business create a clean and sanitised to the highest standards.

ICE ATP Tester (including 100 swabs)

ICE ATP Tester (including 100 swabs)

ICE Sanitising Station (Auto)

ICE Sanitising Station (Auto)

ICE Sanitising Station (Manual)

ICE Sanitising Station (Manual)

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

S-Line ICE Foggers

Fogging machines with the correct chemical attack airborne pathogens. Then, once settled, the chemical begins to attack bacteria on surfaces. Through the very nature of the aerosol effect, this means you cover a large area extremely quickly.


This machine in our S-Line range is perfect for disinfection, sterilising, pest control, air purification, anti virus and disease prevention. They are greatly beneficial at epidemic prevention and are used in all manner of environments including health care facilities, schools, transportation, hotels, retail facilities, and warehouses, amongst others.


Another advantage with S-Line ice foggers, is that the sanitising agent reaches hard to access areas. It reaches nooks and areas that are limited by obstacles. With the S-line range of ICE foggers, you won’t have to move furniture or equipment during a cleaning process.

Any workplace where there is regular and persistent use of computer equipment, desks and restrooms can all benefit from this type of cleaning equipment. Because ICE foggers efficiency sanitises outdoors and indoors, they can also be used on greenhouses and garden centres. No matter your type of business, enjoy a versatile piece of equipment that helps to prevent viruses and the build up of germs.

Hand sanitising plays an important role in preventing the spread of germs and infection. Having a hand sanitising station in high traffic areas of a business will help to reduce the spread of germs. Alongside showing employees and customers that you care, it promotes healthy habits. Supplement hand sanitisation stations with signs as a reminder to all who enter the important role clean hands play to stop the spread of illness.

Our service delivery and advanced web based systems mean that not only can we manage machines and assets, but also provide you with direct access to un-editable call logs, delivering valuable key management information.

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Hand Sanitisers for Hire

S-Line ICE Sanitisers

Our S-Line range of ICE sanitisers has a group of nozzles installed at the rear of the machine which vaporises the disinfectant across the entire 100 cm sanitising path, leaving the surface sanitised. We also provide hand sanitising stations. The distribution of the hand sanitising gel is automatically activated by a sensor which allows an easy, hands free and intuitive use.


Our range of efficient cleaning equipment sanitises large areas at a short time. Long lasting, they can work continuously work for over 5 hours. It has a large tank that is compatible with all types of disinfectant.


Protect people’s health by ensuring flooring is fully sanitised in: hospitals, health centres, supermarkets, canteens, warehouses, airports, stations and shopping centres and more!

Industrial & Commercial Equipment

S-Line ICE E Sprays and Air Testers

The ICE E Spray in the S-Line range from ICE is lightweight and very comfortable for the operator. It is powered by a lithium battery that allows you to work for several hours freely around a large space, without being tied down by a cable.


The cleaning solution within the E Spray is sprayed in very small and light drops, which reach every point of the area needing to be treated, settling effectively. Through the electrostatic charge, the drops are attracted by the targeted surface and while laying down and they create a sanitizing coating.


ATP (adenosine triphosphate) detection systems measure the amount of organic materials in a sample, such as blood, mucus, bacteria, and viruses. ATP Testers uses swab samples to analyse the data to quickly assess the cleanliness of surfaces.

S-Line Battery Operated Sanitisers

Another sanitiser in our S-Line is the Sanex B. Because they are compact and battery operated, they are suitable for any type of environment. They can be used in all sectors, including air condition ducts and vehicle interiors.


The ICE Sanex in the S-Line produces an atomised mist of disinfectant particles of a very small size which are evenly distributed throughout the space and settle on surfaces. This offers an effective sanitisation process, no matter the industry you are working within.


By eliminating a common touch point, touch free sensors reduce the risk of hands coming into contact with bacteria. Touch free sanitation dispensers are easy to use, eco friendly and are particularly useful in kitchen environments.


At ICE, we cater for every aspect of your S-Line cleaning equipment requirements concerning purchase, rental, asset management and maintenance. We build strong relationships and provide meaningful education to our cleaning teams. Our training is delivered by ICE’s dedicated training and installation team. Get in touch today to learn more about our S-Line, our training services and for an accurate product hire or purchase quote.