Escalators Cleaners

ICE Escalator Cleaners

Our range of escalator cleaners effectively cleans escalators and travelators by combining spray extraction and agitation technology to clean, scrub, and dry simultaneously. With a twin rotating brush system, the escalator cleaner can clean the entire width of any conveyor right up to the edge. 


The escalator cleaner simply sits in position and can clean the conveyor whilst it runs. Our range of escalator cleaners can be hired to deliver outstanding results with minimal fluid usage. This is done to prevent damage occurring to the conveyor from liquid ingress. Featuring soft bristle brushes, they will stop the conveyer becoming damaged when being polished.

Rent Escalator Cleaners from ICE

By renting one of our escalator cleaners, you are gaining access to an easy to use and easy to maintain piece of cleaning equipment. The escalator cleaners you can hire from ICE are situated at the bottom of the escalator, then the water and cleaning solution is applied through the machine’s brushes to help clean and remove the debris.


The large capacity tank on our escalator cleaning ensures the water solution is returned into the machine, making the drying time quicker. The powerful rotating brushes will easily loosen any dirt, grime and stains. The twin vacuum motors will quickly suck up any excess dirt.


Our cleaning machines are not just high performance, they are easy to use and very durable. Some machines in our range are multi purpose, and can be used for purpose asides from escalators and travelator. Some escalator cleaners can lift dirt from virtually any floor surface and can reach the tightest of corners.

Hiring escalator cleaners is 100% tax deductible which may help to reduce capital gains tax. Because you are not listing the cost of your cleaning machines as assets, your balance sheet will feature fewer depreciating assets. 

It is easy to underestimate how important keeping a clean escalator is. They are usually placed in both business and retail areas, meaning they are one of the things people will first come in contact with. Because you want to make a good first impression, it’s important to keep an escalator well maintained and, most importantly, safe.

There are numerous factors that make cleaning an escalator a challenge. They are not flat surfaces, often filled with deep tread and grooves where the debris and dirt can’t easily be wiped away or vacuumed. This is why hiring one of our escalator cleaners is beneficial to your company.

How to Use ICE’s Escalator Cleaners

When using escalator cleaners, such as the ones you can hire from ICE, you initially pour in detergent. Close the cover of the fresh water reservoir and drive the machine so it’s placed in front of the escalator or the travellator.


Make sure the piece of cleaning equipment is placed so the front wheels aren’t touching the front step of the escalator. Press the pedal for lowering the brush head and the lock lever will arrest in its position. The machine will smartly centre itself in the grooves of the steps of the escalator.


To move the machine to the side, simply lift the brush pedal, move it to the side and then lower the brush head right down. They are incredibly easy to use, although we do provide training with every piece of cleaning equipment you hire from us.

Benefits of Hiring Escalator Cleaners

Here at ICE, you can hire a range of professional escalator cleaners. ICE have a range of innovative solutions for cleaning escalators and travelators. Choose between a more cost effective interim cleaning machine or a more substantial machine for in depth cleaning. They are easy to transport, simple to use and will save you time and labour on the job. Whether you want a dry or wet clean, we have the cleaning equipment for the job.


By hiring from our range of escalator cleaners, it won’t just stop the escalator or travelator becoming dirty, it will stop long lasting damage occurring. Dirt can become trapped under the mechanisms, in the areas that the general public won’t see. If this dirt and grime builds up it will cause the escalator to work inefficiently and even breakdown.


As leaders in the cleaning equipment market, we know that equipment rentals are an affordable way of getting the best in machinery for your business. It makes sound financial sense for companies who do not have the funds or capital to rent or buy their escalator cleaners.


It’s especially an ideal choice for a new company that is starting out, or a business that doesn’t frequently need to use cleaning machinery. Hiring cleaning equipment allows you to keep valuable cash in your bank that may be used for other projects that are not as tax efficient. Get in touch today to find out more about our rental services and escalator cleaners.



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