Autonomous Cleaning Through Innovation

In an industry that relies almost exclusively on labour, finding the areas where automation can support the existing workforce is a real opportunity. As labour becomes more expensive, there is ever-increasing pressure on cleaning contractors to reduce costs, and companies need to find new ways to meet customer expectations.


Automated floor cleaning machines offer an ideal solution for repeatable tasks, as they guarantee high standards of cleaning in a uniform and thorough manner, whilst the operatives can focus on more detailed cleaning.


Automating cleaning tasks is about offering flexibility, along with cost savings and improved standards, and many of our major customers are already enjoying these benefits. The feedback that we continue to receive is that using a robotic machine gives the operative time to do detailed cleaning, which often gets missed if they are spending time pushing a floor cleaning machine around.


Clearly pay-back on this sort of technology is a major discussion point, but with rental options now available that remove the need to up-front investment, the benefit to customers of incorporating robotics and automation can be felt immediately.


ICE have extensive experience in this area, with robotic scrubber dryers that have been on the market for the past decade, with proven results. However, it’s important to continuously review the needs of the market and provide equipment suitable for all flooring types and environments.


We will be extending our range of automated cleaning equipment this year, with the launch of some exciting new vacuum, scrubber and sweeper products.


Undoubtedly, over the next few years the industry will see a greater choice of automated cleaning machines and increased competition, and we embrace this wholeheartedly and look forward to being part of it.